Chemical products play a vital role in construction, it delivers great value by saving money and energy

  • Enhances performance

  • lowers the maintenance costs

  • Provides protection and Durability

“Make us your partner for a sustainable construction”

SCCS provides a variety of construction chemicals and products and building solutions that would take your project to the next level.

Such As

  • Engineering test equipment

  • Concrete admixtures

  • Cement Additives

  • Waterproofing, thermal and acoustic isolation systems and Materials.

  • Repair, strengthening and rehabilitation systems and materials

  • Specialist coatings for concrete substrates as well as steel, galvanized and aluminum surfaces

  • Industrial floorings

  • Chemical injection and Anchoring, Sealants, adhesives and fillers.

  • Application services

  • Evaluation reports

  • Testing and analyzing

  • Technical advice for products and application methods.